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This week during my travels I made a cat-friend and took a nap in a museum (okay, maybe not a full-on nap, but you know).

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Travel essentials & favorites

These past couple of years I have travelled more than I ever thought I would. From DC to Vienna, to London, Skopje, all the way to New York – I’ve spent entire days sitting on my butt inside of a tin can in the sky. Erm, an airplane.
Nevertheless – I am one of those people that actually likes flying. Traveling by myself is prime time for thoughts, plans, lists and daydreams. This is why I’ve chosen to share my travel essentials with you!

1. Passport – Always the first thing you need to make sure you have!
2. Wallet – Bring a credit or debit card that you can use internationally.
3. Phone – Your phone will come in handy when you need to find someone but it will also provide music. (Not pictured: headphones).
4. Laptop + Charger  – You wanna keep them with you at all times. Fill you laptop with ebooks and movies of your preference for an enjoyable trip!
5. Granola bars – Okay, airplane food can sometimes be nasty. These will save your life when your tummy starts rumbling.
6. Journal / Notebook – This is one of my favorite things to carry with me at all times! I jot down ideas, observations and plans. Remember to bring a pen.
7. Sweatshirt – Anything warm and cozy will do. Airplanes tend to get very cold.
8. Camera – Make some travel memories!
9. Make up bag – So many goodies you could take!


My make up bag is full of items, yet funnily enough – I never wear make up on airplanes. One of the most important things during a flight is to take care of your skin. The recycled air is so drying, so it’s important that you take the right steps to healthy skin!
1. Moisturizer
2. Eye cream
4. Lip Balm
5. Cleanser
6. Hand Cream
Throughout the flight I apply all of these, ensuring that every part of my face and hands stay moisturized. Towards the end of the flight I go in and apply minimal make up so that I’ll look refreshed as soon as I step off the plane.
7. Bronzer
9.Cheek tint
11. Lip balm
12. Blotting papers
13. Perfume
14. Toothpaste
15. Toothbrush
16. Deodorant stick


And of course, last but not least – I throw them all into my favorite backpack.




Do you have any travel tips? Let me know in the comments!

Till next time,