Finding calm in Brussels

As I’m sure most of you know, Brussels (my current city of residence) was struck by a horrible terrorist attack last week, March 22nd. The city is slowly getting back up on its feet, and people around me are trying hard to go on with their day-to-day lives. I am not going to elaborate on terrorist attacks, the media, or anything related to these events (because a quick google search will get you immediately caught up), but I would like to reflect and expand on the fellow humans that surround me.

I am currently sitting in a popular coffee shop that is only about half-occupied. On any other day before the attack, this place would be packed, but alas, empty chairs are a-plenty on this particular Tuesday. Up on the speakers are the soothing and uplifting sounds of The Beatles, and around me I can hear various quiet conversations. Some people are quietly discussing current events, and others are deeply consumed by their books and lap tops.

It’s very easy to get consumed by fear. Take it from a girl with generalized anxiety disorder (I am also prone to panic attacks) – the easiest thing to do right now would be to lock myself up at home and feed into dark thoughts. But alas, that isn’t what I’m doing, and I can see that my fellow co-habitants of this city are also resisting the urge to do so. Most people around me seem hopeful. There’s a glimmer of hope everywhere, from the baristas that are managing to keep a smile on their faces and are brightening everyone’s day, to the quiet boy who is blatantly cramming for exams. Life just keeps going.

Recently, I have started dedicating chunks of my day for guided meditations. “Insight Timer” is a free app that my best friend just introduced me to. If you’re a meditation pro, or if you’re a newbie like me, you’re going to love this app. It has an awesome community component, so you can see how many people in the world (or even in your city) are meditating at the moment, and you can message people and thank them for meditating with you. I couldn’t rave about it any more if I wanted to. I wholeheartedly recommend it to everyone, especially all of you great people that are prone to getting sucked up by your own thoughts.


To my fellow people of Brussels, there are plenty of peace-loving humans around you that are going out of their way to create more harmony in this crazy world. If you’re reading this today and you desperately need to get out of your home and to a safe place, there is a mindfulness meditation session at Bon Jour Bruxelles tonight. I’m including the facebook event riiiight here:
With thoughts of love and peace, I sign out today.


Cats | Art | Blogging

This week during my travels I made a cat-friend and took a nap in a museum (okay, maybe not a full-on nap, but you know).

Co-writing a blog with my best friend – COME SAY HI!



Adventures: The importance of getting away

I’ve always been into the concept and thrill of adventure. I wouldn’t say that I’d be the first one to sign up for rock-climbing, but I find it extremely important to take a break out of whatever routine you’ve gotten yourself into, and just go. Having the ability to just leave everything and go, surprisingly requires a lot of planning. This is why, the next time you see an opportunity to do anything that you feel like you’ll remember for the rest of your life – anything that you’ll look fondly back on, I dare you to do it.

Today, I’m going to share with you photos of a time my best friend and I went on a little adventure of our own. We had just finished our junior year of college, and I made sure to book my flight back home about a week later than I would have otherwise. We got into her car and headed to Cape Cod. See, I’ve never been to Cape Cod, and she’s spent her summers there, yet I’m pretty damn sure it felt like an adventure to both of us. We packed our backpacks, a tent, sleeping bags, a stand up paddle board, and lots of snacks.


Adventures and trips don’t need to be extravagant. No need to whip out your credit card and book that cruise in hopes of getting some peace of mind. You can start by turning the music up in the car and singing at the top of your lungs – but only after you’ve gotten a coffee big enough to get you through the first hour.


Once we got there we set up our living are for the next two days. Again, we really just enjoyed the set up process and took in the beautiful sceneries that surrounded us.



When you’re in such a setting, you don’t need to plan any further. You’re not on any sort of schedule, and you really can just do what feels right. Whether that’s sitting on the beach, going into “town” (i mainly mean grocery stores and restaurants), or simply just exploring your surroundings. Our adventure took its own pace, and was filled with all of the above.


By “took its own pace” I mainly mean that we ate a lot of fried seafood. No one’s ever going to complain about that. But more importantly, we took the time to appreciate the sun, the wind, the waves, and the sand.


Upon watching one of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen (Cape Cod sunsets are magical), we got into our tent and wrapped ourselves up in our sleeping bags and slept and slept and sleeeept until we naturally woke up happy and rested. I think that my favorite part about camping is that you can take your time waking up. And you can have breakfast in bed because where else would you have breakfast otherwise?



Being rested means more energy for exploring. We spent the rest majority of that day on the beach, and went on to eat more amazing food.



Now go, do something that you can write a book about later on in your life. Create memories that will not only inspire others, but that’ll continue to inspire you. Enjoy the thrill of adventure, no matter how big or small. 

Till next time,


Ode to my fav: Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion

Okay, this is not really an ode, as I am awful at writing in any sort of lyrical sense. In any case, let me tell you about one of my favorite products of all time (!!!). I love make up, but when it starts to get hot I tend to wear so little of it… I really prefer when my face can breathe. So an easy everyday thing for me is to dot on some concealer, throw some color on my cheeks and smother my whole eyelids with a champagne-colored eye shadow. A little bit of mascara, and I’m out the door!

But I hate, hate, HATE when my eye shadow creases. I like to put it on in the morning and make sure that it stays there all day, and the only product I’ve come across that REALLY does the trick is the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion. Seriously friends, this thing is magical. Somehow, somewhere, in some sketchy basement, there were witches and a cauldron and this concoction was created and TA-DAAA (probably not, but shhh)!


The tiniest tube of this is about $12 at Sephora, but it’s so SO worth it. You only need the smallest amount of product and it ends up lasting a long time. UUUGHHHH so much love in my heart for this little tube thingy.

So yeah.
I’m back, I’m back – ladies and gents, I AM BACK.

Do you know of any other kick-ass primers? Wanna blow me away? Wanna just say hi? DO IT. COMMENT SECTION. DO IIIIT.

Till next time,
Srna ❤

Mac Patisserie Lipstick Review

It’s little ironic that this post is spring-inspired because alas – I woke up to a snowy Manhattan yet again this morning. Winter is dragging on but the sun is out today so I decided to be a little optimistic and reach for my flower crown!
But more importantly, I’m here to share with you my favorite beauty find from the past few weeks.
Are you ready, are you ready?

The Mac Patisserie Lipstick ♡

MAC-Patisserie-Lipstick 2

This shade… oh man. It’s a nude that’s super springy and soft and subtle. It’s like my lip color just better. Tons better.  And honestly, my favorite part is that it’s not a matte color because spring calls for some shine. But on the other hand, I love the lack of glitter. It’s perfectly elegant for casual as well as formal attire.

This, with some pink shiny cheeks and my Stila eyeliner are my go-to NYC look.


What’s your favorite springtime lipstick? Let me know in the comments below!
Also, I’m working really hard on a body-positive project in NYC, so check back here for more details coming soon!

Until next time,

Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick Review

Hi friends!

If you scroll back through my older posts, you will see that I am a newbie when it comes to a bold lip. I’ve tried it once before, and while I did enjoy it, I really wanted to try something a little bit bolder (now that I am in New York City, I feel like I can do anything with my make up).
I had heard so many great things about the Rimmel Kate Moss line of lipsticks, so rather than spending an upwards of $20 dollars on a lipstick that I might not like, I went into CVS and picked one up for just under $6 (what a steal).

IMG_3386 IMG_3391
Oh. My. Goodness.
Ladies (and gents, no sexism here) – THIS LIPSTICK IS SO CREAMY. I got the the shade # 107 which is a darker, muted matte red color. It almost feels like a lip balm, and it stays on for hours. The only thing I can’t figure out is how to approach eating a meal with red lipstick on (if you know the answer to this tricky question, please let me know!).

10931326_10152702078843235_6130885559362700278_n IMG_3393

If you are reading this, what is your favorite lipstick for gloomy, wintery days?

Till next time,

New York City Adventures

Hello lovely readers,

I’m back after a month long break – AND I’M SO HAPPY TO BE BACK.
I arrived in Manhattan last night, and I will be spending the next four months living, working and studying here. Everything is big, overwhelming, and absolutely exciting. This morning we took the subway to all of the places around the city where we have class, and then walked over the Brooklyn bridge. Now it’s time for me to get all fancied up and go to an alumni event.

Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 3.17.01 PM

This is going to be a good semester. Get ready for a lot of travel as well as tons of make up related posts.