Cool bits and pieces

The sun is slowly starting to show its face more and more frequently, and with that come little shopping trips where you get things that aren’t (necessarily) necessities, but they make you smile. Today I’m writing to you from my balcony, as I soak up the sun on a gorgeous weekend in Brussels.

Yesterday I discovered a store called “& other stories”. There were a lot of gorgeous pieces of clothing, although a bit on the pricier side (but nothing too extravagant). What really caught my eye was their sleek and minimalist skincare collection. I left the store with one skincare item, one accessory, and all the willpower in me to not spend all of my money in there.

First off, I got these really cool sunglasses! They have clear frames, they’re mirrored, and I feel like they fit my face perfectly. I was in desperate need for sunglasses, but I kept passing up buying any because they didn’t feel right. These, on the other hand – they’re beautiful, and edgy and I’m in love. Also, they were 15 euros which is a total steal.


I couldn’t find the exact ones on their site, but you can have a look around at the other models they have:


Next, skincare. I wanted to try everything they had in the store but I convinced myself that I needed to try the formulas first before committing to buying everything that looked magical (which was everything, to be honest with you). I opted for the Moroccan Tea Body Soufflé and I couldn’t be happier that I did. It smells like mint, and tea, and cinnamon. The scent is clean, soothing, calming, and it has insane staying power. I applied it all over my body after a bath last night, and I woke up smelling amazing. I’m certain that the contents of this pot are going to vanish quickly. It’s 12 euros, which again, not exactly the cheapest, but we’re definitely not talking high end.

You can get it here:

And last, but not least – let’s talk clothing. I’m a curvy girl, and lately – my body has gone through a lot of changes. I’m happier, I’m healthier, and I feel way more comfortable in my body. I even got a top that I was always told wasn’t for curvy girls. Oh yes, the dreaded horizontal stripes. They might not be the most flattering, but I don’t need to look the thinnest version of myself in order to be the happiest version of myself. I love the fit, the crazy sleeves, and I think the stripes are cute!


I picked it up from Pull&Bear:

Cool, I think that’s all I’ve got for you today. Remember to do little things for yourself because you’re worth it, damn it.

Yep, that’s definitely all of it.



Big changes coming (y)our way!

Hello dearest blogger friends,

I am back, and I am back for good. Before I jump in with regular blog posts, I would love to update you on my life so we can all be on the same page on what you will be seeing if you come to this site!

First off, location.

After spending a couple of months working and living in New York City (which was absolutely amazing, and I will follow up with a whole blog post about this), I attended my graduation (woohooo!) and went off to do a little west-coast trip with my parents. We covered Vegas, Los Angeles and San Francisco (wait for a blog post about this one also). Once our trip was up, I moved into a small studio apartment with my boyfriend in  Madison, Wisconsin. My summer in Madison was a good time! I made wonderful new friends, got my first taste of working in retail, had a job I thoroughly enjoyed, and a job that was just okay (that only lasted a month). All was well, but I wasn’t making enough money to be able to afford rent, and I wasn’t in the right mental state to start actively writing again. With our short lease coming to an end, I made the crazy decision to move to Brussels, Belgium where my parents happen to be living at the moment. This unfortunately meant that I would be in a long-distance relationship yet again, but life is like this sometimes and I have kind of learned to deal with it and work toward what I want. But alas, I AM IN BRUSSELS!!! Not only that, but I feel like I am finally in the ideal state to really focus on writing again. This past week has been filled with exploring, adventures, and not too many other distractions (and lots of coffee). Not just that, I also find that the apartment I am living in is very bright and that in itself is pure motivation for productivity.


Anyway. now that I am here, here’s what you should expect:

  1. Exploring Brussels / Belgium / Europe. Okay, I am admittedly NOT a travel blogger, but I really enjoy experiencing new cities, and I particularly enjoy doing it through coffee shops. Expect blog posts filled with beautiful places to sit down, grab a latte, perhaps a nice meal and write/read/enjoy your day.
  2. Food and Health. Right, going from coffee shops to food and health seems kind of weird, but food has become a very important part of my day-to-day life. This is the year that I have decided to get healthy no matter what it takes, and while living in Madison I was following the Ideal Protein Protocol (diet, if you must). I am currently not on any program, but I am researching similar diet plans in Brussels. If you know of anything to recommend, help a girl out. I will also be exploring yoga, meditation, and ways to promote mental health.
  3. Beauty and Fashion. I mean come on, what would Positively Curvy be without my huge love for beauty products and (here and there) clothing discoveries? I will be posting product reviews as well as body-loving, body-positive, body-celebrating posts. And probably outfits of the day because you can never go wrong with those.
  4. Home decor. This is a new one for me, but I am currently in the process of redecorating my new room and making it the perfect creative /productive / calming space. Expect homeware hauls and favorites, and if you would like to help me along the way, please don’t hesitate to send me links to things that look cool. I would love that.


So here we are! Starting Monday (and maybe this weekend if I’m feeling super antsy to post something) come back three times a week for (hopefully) something fresh and different. I hope to make friends here, so please do reach out and say hi in the comments!

Looking forward to an exciting start,

Laura Mercier Matte Radiance Baked Powder Review

Holy moly that title is a mouthful.

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago (in the midst of cramming for midterms) I decided that I needed to treat myself for all the hard work I’ve been doing. Mind you, Sephora is my Ben & Jerry’s, so my wallet tends to suffer during midterms and finals (and break ups).
This baked powder (highlighter) has been on my wish list for the longest time, and I decided to splurge and order it. And oh. my. gahhhhd.

I could rave about this forever. It’s not as strong as a shimmer brick, the sheen is actually a lot more subtle – which I love. My skin looks the healthiest it has ever looked, and it’s all thanks to this highlighter. It goes for $38 which is pricy when you’re in college, but still a great investment.

DSC_0104 DSC_0105 DSC_0106
It feels luxurious, it’s matte (so it doesn’t make you look like a disco ball), and it really makes your face look alive. It catches light and gives you a sort of “flawless” look when applied properly. Here’s my face – I hope you can catch how subtly pretty is! 🙂
blogedit1 blogedit2

What’s your favorite highlighter?
Lemme know in the comments!



Tarte’s Bon Voyage set and some chit-chat.

Hello internet friends!

Every time I need to start writing a paper I postpone starting it because starting a new project requires solid ideas, commitment and excitement. After a couple of months of wanting to start a curvy girl beauty / lifestyle / fashion blog, I am finally here! It would be only fair if I were to tell you a little bit about myself..

My name is Srna (I didn’t miss any vowels, but I promise it’s easy to pronounce. Try Sur-nah.) I am 21 years old, in my last year at university and I am currently studying in New York (but not New York City – more like up north near Canada).  I like finding joy in little things and I have a somewhat unhealthy obsession with beauty products. I promise, I’m usually super nice, but sometimes the sass comes out and pictures like this one are created:


Now that I think you’ve had enough of me talking about myself, I’m going to go ahead and tell you about some beauty products that I’ve really been loving recently! I was fortunate enough to score a Sephora birthday gift card from my brother, so that meant that I got to amp up my collection. About a month ago I traveled from Macedonia to New York and I forgot both (not one… BOTH) of my naked palettes at home. So of course, the first thing I went for was an eyeshadow palette. I decided to get the Tarte “Bon Voyage” set ($59).

The packaging. Can we talk about how CUTE that is? I didn’t necessarily need the other things that came in the set, but I couldn’t pass up on it. The majority of the shades in this palette are matte shades which I have really been liking so far. They are not as pigmented as Urban Decay eyeshadows, but they definitely come close. The only thing that I wish was different about this palette is that I wish there was a larger selection of lighter shades.

IMG_2511 IMG_2512

In the set you get a number of things but one of my favorites (by far) is the “Muse” cheek tint. It’s a nice pink pearly nude color, and it’s so so pretty. I would say that it’s something between a highlighter and a blush. It’s light and creamy and so easy to blend. This tester is actually pretty small but I will definitely be purchasing a cheek tint from Tarte at some point.


I initially has no idea what Maracuja oil even was, so I wasn’t too excited about the little bottle that came with my Tarte set. Now that I’ve done my research, to put it in simple terms, Maracuja oil is passion fruit oil that is rich in nutrients and Vitamin C, and supposedly it’s supposed to give you more hydrated, brighter, and healthier looking skin. It even claims that it has an anti-aging effect.
My skin tends to go fairly dry, and I unfortunately have patches of eczema that tend to flare up at random moments. I used three drops of this oil on my face last night and I could definitely feel a difference this morning. It does its job of keeping my skin hydrated, but let’s just hope that it doesn’t end up breaking me out.

That’s all I have for today! Stick around for some body-loving words of wisdom, outfit of the day posts, a peek into my everyday life and many other bits and pieces.

Also feel free to leave me a comment, and I would love to check out your blog.
Hope you all have a wonderful day!