Traveling to Amsterdam?

As a writer and blogger, it’s no surprise that planning and making lists are some of my favorite things in life. When the chaos in my mind gets translated into actual words, plans, directions, I am a happy lady.

Speaking of plans, there is nothing more exciting than making travel plans. Okay – there’s one thing that’s maybe a little more exciting. Making travel plans with your best friend that currently lives on another continent!!! *jumps from joy because ALL OF THE EXCITEMENT*

We’re starting our trip off in Brussels, where I currently live. I’m just about to book a hostel for a night in Ghent and we’re potentially going to look into a night (or maybe even 2?!) in Amsterdam. Ghent is one of my favorite places in Belgium, and I’ve never been to Amsterdam before, so I’m sure that’ll be a good experience.

Have any of you been to Amsterdam before? I could use some tips / hostel recommendations / advice! 🙂

Everything is happening in about two weeks and I’m so excited to share photos and stories on here.



Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick Review

Hi friends!

If you scroll back through my older posts, you will see that I am a newbie when it comes to a bold lip. I’ve tried it once before, and while I did enjoy it, I really wanted to try something a little bit bolder (now that I am in New York City, I feel like I can do anything with my make up).
I had heard so many great things about the Rimmel Kate Moss line of lipsticks, so rather than spending an upwards of $20 dollars on a lipstick that I might not like, I went into CVS and picked one up for just under $6 (what a steal).

IMG_3386 IMG_3391
Oh. My. Goodness.
Ladies (and gents, no sexism here) – THIS LIPSTICK IS SO CREAMY. I got the the shade # 107 which is a darker, muted matte red color. It almost feels like a lip balm, and it stays on for hours. The only thing I can’t figure out is how to approach eating a meal with red lipstick on (if you know the answer to this tricky question, please let me know!).

10931326_10152702078843235_6130885559362700278_n IMG_3393

If you are reading this, what is your favorite lipstick for gloomy, wintery days?

Till next time,

Stila – Stay All Day (Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner)

You know when you try a beauty product and you immediately know that you’ll be repurchasing it once you’re out? Guys, it finally happened.

Liquid eyeliner. The most dreaded, single hardest part of doing make up. Sure, the first eye is going to be fine – but wait till you get to the other one. Have fun spending 3 hours trying to make your eyes look identical, or in the best case trying to keep from looking like Godzilla after a break up. But the thing is, liquid eyeliner is just like a very needy girlfriend. You need to dedicate time to it, be patient with it, and everything will be fine. After years of playing around with make up, I have finally gotten to the stage where liquid eyeliner doesn’t scare me anymore. The only thing I do prefer is that it isn’t in a pen form – I really like the tiny brushes that let you paint your cat eye wings. Although, it’s funny and ironic I say that because…

I am in love with the Stila “Stay all day” eyeliner.

Yes, it is in pencil form.
Yes, it’s very pigmented.
Yes, it really does stay all day.

IMG_2581 IMG_2582

Now, it is on the pricier side, so if you’re just starting to get into eyeliner, play around with some drugstore brands. This baby costs $20 and in my opinion, it’s well worth the money. When you put the cap on and close it, you can feel a little spring that keeps the felt tip from drying out. I’m raving about it so hard that I even took a picture of me after I wore it or over 5 hours. Mind you, I am exhausted and not wearing much make up aside from that. But ya know, we’re all friends here.


Hope this helps some of you out! What’s your favorite eyeliner? Let me know in the comments.

Till next time,

On being sick and in college

Being sick while at college is one of the most frustrating things a young person at the ripe age of 21 can experience. On one hand, I’ve been living out of my parents house for over three years so you’d think that I should know how to deal with this by now. On the other hand – I need my mommy.
It’s kind of funny, but being sick tends to bring warm and happy memories to me. I remember when I was really little, I would get to sprawl out on my parents’ big bed and watch cartoons all day instead of going to school. Also every time, without a miss, my grandma would come visit and bring me a juice box and some snacks. So – that resulted in me associating being sick with good things, which in itself is pretty screwed up.
But alas, no. When you’re in college being sick most certainly does not result in endless cartoons and free snacks. More like limited cartoons and snacks you pay for by yourself.
As I now consider myself a pro in dealing with sickness all by myself, here are some tips for you:

1. Tea. Tea. Some more tea (lemon and honey as well). Tea is good for your body, soul, and most importantly – throat. The lemon gives you a boost and the honey hugs your throat in ways you can’t even imagine. Also bonus points if you use a Christmas mug, because Christmas mugs are pure joy, and studies have proven that they make you feel better.* My favorites are peppermint, chamomile and plain black breakfast tea.

IMG_2548 IMG_2549

2. DayQuil and NyQuil (or the cheapest variations of them that you could find). Here’s the thing – I’m a college student, I’m poor, and the little money I have tends to go to make up and clothing so I really can’t splurge on fancy medicine. DayQuil is amazing, NyQuil is the devil. DayQuil helps you actually get out of bed and be productive (look, I’m even writing a blog post)! NyQuil should ONLY be taken when you really need it because otherwise you will have no chance of waking up on time / will be transformed into a zombie for the first few hours of your day.

3. Cancel all your extracurricular activities but try to make it to your classes. I know, being in class when you’re sick is annoying – but anything you retain will be better for you in the long run. And while sports and singing groups are fun – they’re probably not what your body needs when you’re fighting off a sickness.

4. Naps on naps. Come back from class and watch some Netflix. Allow yourself to fall asleep. Don’t set any alarms.

5. SKYPE. If I’m missing my mom – she’s only a Skype call away. Although, she usually makes me show her my throat, so I tend to just…. wait a few days.

So drink up that tea, and watch Dora the Explorer even though if anyone found out, it would be embarrassing (Erm… I don’t do that, that’s a suggestion for YOU). If you have any other tips and tricks, let me know in the comments!

Talk soon,



*You read this on the internet so it must be true.