#BeginAgain: 2016

To say that I am a fan of the concept of beginning a new year is an understatement. The idea of beginning anew excites my inner butterflies and sends an adrenaline buzz down my arms and through my fingertips.

I’m welcoming 2016 with arms wide open. Instead of resolutions, here are things that I would like more of in my life, in 2016:

*More blogging, more writing, more journaling

*Coffee shops and books (they go hand in hand)

*Creativity, opportunities to create, do and be

*Health – both physical and mental

*Ideas – thought up, shared and developed

*Friends and Family – from near and from afar

*More DOING. Physically doing things, starting routines, being active.


For me, 2015 was a great year, full of ups and downs. Living and working in New York City, graduating from college, living in Madison, Wisconsin for the summer. Realizing that I have amazing friends and people that love me. On the other hand, more anxiety than I’ve ever experienced in my life. A severe fear of flying that I’ve never felt before.
Weighing everything out, I wouldn’t change the last year for the world.


Cheers to a year of happiness. Cheers to a year of fulfillment.


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