Naked depth: Urban Decay Naked Smoky

Let’s talk about the Urban Decay Naked Smoky palette. I snagged this palette in July, after soaking up all of the hype it created online. With my skin tone being neither warm nor cool, eyeshadow palettes are always such a toss up. If you know me, you know that the Naked 3 palette is my all time favorite, most used and most loved palette. The Naked Smoky on the other hand – took me quite a while to get comfortable with.


Naked palettes will always be at the top of the game, simply because of the shadow consistency and the pigmentation – which are without a doubt the best. The Naked Smoky contains a lot of cooler shades, as well as a couple of really strong glitters. Day to day, I found myself reaching for my Naked 3 instead, justifying the fact that because the Naked Smoky is so much cooler and darker, I would use it for nights out (the joke here is that I barely go out so I barely used it). It really wasn’t until this week that I started to play with it more and discovered the two everyday shades that I somehow managed to overlook for the past couple of months.

The two shades I am talking about are “combust” and “thirteen”. Shades like combust have never been my favorite. They’re too close to my skin tone and tend to make my eyes look muddy (or at least that’s what I thought). In the original Naked palette, I usually stayed away from the matte shadows because they were never as smooth as I wanted them to be.


I don’t know what got into me, but I applied “thirteen” as my base and then started work “combust” into my crease. I swear, I have never been more amazed by a neutral eyeshadow look. “Combust” can be worked up to such a depth that it almost looks like I’ve applied a third shadow for dimension. This is now my go-to, everyday shadow look. You guys wanna know what the best part is? Since it’s so subtle and beautiful, you can rock it with just about any bold lip you want. What more could I ask for during chilly October?

And last but not least, this is what my current daily makeup consists of (I think a little video tutorial might be coming soon):

  1. Kat Von D, Shade + Light palette (contour kit)
  2. Urban Decay, Naked Smoky (shadows)
  3. Bobbi Brown, Perfectly Defined Long-Wear Brow Pencil, Blonde
  4. Nars, Sheer Glow, Deauville (foundation)
  5. Nars, Deepthroat (blush)
  6. Rimmel, Kate, 08 (lipstick)
  7. Beauty Blender (applicator)
  8. Maybelline, Age Rewind (concealer)
  9. Urban Decay, Primer Potion (shadow base)
  10. Too Faced, Better Than Sex (mascara)

Tell me things! Are you all doing well? Are you loving or hating the Naked Smoky palette? Talk to me, damn it (just kidding, but it’d be awesome if you did).

Till next time,

Positively Curvy


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