Autumn: Things to appreciate

Rather than a structured post, today I’m coming to you with a ramble. I intended to write three posts a week, and this week’s accomplishments will be no different. But as always, life happens and I am now left with a shattered MacBook screen. There’s no real point in crying over it, so instead I made a list of things that I appreciate this time of year.
1. Big, comfy, cozy sweaters

2. Dark muted lipsticks (Rimmel Kate 107, Mac Velvet Teddy)


  3. Hot coffee in the morning, hot tea in the afternoon

4. The smell of sugar, apples, and cinnamon cooking in the oven

5. Coloring books 

6. The flicker of candles in my bedroom

7. Americana, folk, and music that wraps my soul in a big hug

8. Yoga and deep relaxation while it rains outside

9. Curling up with a good book

10. Hand-writing letters to good friends

11. The smell of frosty woods

12. Dipping ham&cheese toasties in vegetable cream soup

13. Having a good lonely cry

14. Cute texts to wake up to every morning

15. Moisturizing face masks

16. Lush baths

17. Hearty breakfast bowls (and instagramming them)

Till next time,

Positively Curvy


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