Batiste vs. Dove Dry Shampoo

Alright friends, it’s time for a little “battle of the dry shampoos”.  Recently I’ve been loving dry shampoo because my hair tends to get oily within a day of washing it, and we all know it’s not good to wash your hair every day. I use it as an oil-absorber, as a pick me up… and simply a way to get a bit more grip in my hair(braids, curls)!

First up on the list is Batiste. If you’ve ever looked for dry shampoo in any drug store, Batiste bottles are the first ones to pop out at you. I have been using the original formula and the bottle describes the scent as “clean and classic”. My verdict is as follows:

Smell: It smells like a very strong mixture of hair spray and baby powder. The smell lingers in your hair all day.
Texture: Make sure to spray it from far away because it WILL leave white residue in your hair. My tip for this one is to use your fingers to massage it into your head but do NOT use a hairbrush to disperse it.
Rating: (1.5/5)



Next up we have the Dove Refresh+Care Volume Dry Shampoo. First of all, that name is a mouthful. More importantly though, I think it’s such a step up from the Batiste. Here’s how it’s all going down according to me:

Smell: It’s way more subtle than the Batiste but it has a slightly floral scent. This IMG_3204scent also lingers in your hair throughout the day.
Texture: When using this in my hair I did not notice any white residue (granted, I have light hair – so be careful). It does what it claims, giving my hair a clean and voluminous look. One thing I didn’t love is that it make my hair slightly dry to the touch as opposed to its soft and shiny texture.
Rating: (4/5)



Have you tried any other affordable dry shampoos? Let me know!




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