Halloween, make up, and friends, OH MY!

I always dread Halloween because I’m really opposed to buying clothing that I’m only going to wear once – so purchasing costumes has always been out of the question. But this Halloween I kind of decided to allow myself to go crazy with make up. I had two nights of Halloween to deal with (*sigh*, college), and for the first night I decided to be a (variation of a) zombie.
I didn’t have any fake blood or anything of the sort so I had to be creative at the last minute. This is how it turned out:

Basically I used very light foundation on my face mixed with some white face paint, and sunk in my eyes with the use of red / purple and orange eyeshadows. As for the scar, I seriously just made it up. Tissue paper, glue, lotion, lipstick, lip liner, shadows and a blow dryer. I’m pretty pleased with the results.

For the second night, my friends and I decided to go as the cast of Wizard of Oz. I got to be the cowardly lion which gave me so much freedom in terms of hair and make up. I crimped my hair by making little braids and pressing then with a hot straightener which really gave it a lion effect. As for the make up, I think I might do a little video tutorial for you guys. It was easy and fun to do!


And of course, here’s the whole gang!

What did you do for Halloween? Let me know in the comments!



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