Tarte’s Bon Voyage set and some chit-chat.

Hello internet friends!

Every time I need to start writing a paper I postpone starting it because starting a new project requires solid ideas, commitment and excitement. After a couple of months of wanting to start a curvy girl beauty / lifestyle / fashion blog, I am finally here! It would be only fair if I were to tell you a little bit about myself..

My name is Srna (I didn’t miss any vowels, but I promise it’s easy to pronounce. Try Sur-nah.) I am 21 years old, in my last year at university and I am currently studying in New York (but not New York City – more like up north near Canada).  I like finding joy in little things and I have a somewhat unhealthy obsession with beauty products. I promise, I’m usually super nice, but sometimes the sass comes out and pictures like this one are created:


Now that I think you’ve had enough of me talking about myself, I’m going to go ahead and tell you about some beauty products that I’ve really been loving recently! I was fortunate enough to score a Sephora birthday gift card from my brother, so that meant that I got to amp up my collection. About a month ago I traveled from Macedonia to New York and I forgot both (not one… BOTH) of my naked palettes at home. So of course, the first thing I went for was an eyeshadow palette. I decided to get the Tarte “Bon Voyage” set ($59).

The packaging. Can we talk about how CUTE that is? I didn’t necessarily need the other things that came in the set, but I couldn’t pass up on it. The majority of the shades in this palette are matte shades which I have really been liking so far. They are not as pigmented as Urban Decay eyeshadows, but they definitely come close. The only thing that I wish was different about this palette is that I wish there was a larger selection of lighter shades.

IMG_2511 IMG_2512

In the set you get a number of things but one of my favorites (by far) is the “Muse” cheek tint. It’s a nice pink pearly nude color, and it’s so so pretty. I would say that it’s something between a highlighter and a blush. It’s light and creamy and so easy to blend. This tester is actually pretty small but I will definitely be purchasing a cheek tint from Tarte at some point.


I initially has no idea what Maracuja oil even was, so I wasn’t too excited about the little bottle that came with my Tarte set. Now that I’ve done my research, to put it in simple terms, Maracuja oil is passion fruit oil that is rich in nutrients and Vitamin C, and supposedly it’s supposed to give you more hydrated, brighter, and healthier looking skin. It even claims that it has an anti-aging effect.
My skin tends to go fairly dry, and I unfortunately have patches of eczema that tend to flare up at random moments. I used three drops of this oil on my face last night and I could definitely feel a difference this morning. It does its job of keeping my skin hydrated, but let’s just hope that it doesn’t end up breaking me out.

That’s all I have for today! Stick around for some body-loving words of wisdom, outfit of the day posts, a peek into my everyday life and many other bits and pieces.

Also feel free to leave me a comment, and I would love to check out your blog.
Hope you all have a wonderful day!



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